Saint Timothy's
Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, IN  USA

Sunday Sermons

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Vestry Notes


The Rev. Dr. Nancy Woodworth-Hill is Rector of St Paul's sharing the Co-Pastor position
with The Rev. Don Hill. Both are from Buffalo, N.Y. Nancy is a weaver, spinner, knitter
and quilter. She also does this in terms of helping to plan liturgy which connects the
scriptures with people’s lives. In education she works to help people connect with one
another and with the teachings of their faith. She helps create experiences that help
form them as Christians. Prior to her ordination as a priest Nancy had been a lay professional
in the church since 1984 working in music, liturgy, Christian Formation and education.
Her passion is making connections, untangling and reweaving. She does this with
fibers and fabrics as well as in the church connecting us to Christ our source of love, and
light and grace. Nancy & Don have two adult sons. Their two elder cats, (Emma and Grace
who are sisters) allow Don and Nancy to attend to their needs.