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Godly Play -

     Saint Timothy's is pursuing a grant to bring Godly Play to our parish. The matching grant will allow us to support Godly Play leaders and participants (our kids from about age 3 to 6) with training and refreshed spaces for experiencing God through stories, questioning, and "work." What is Godly Play? Godly Play is a unique, Montessori-inspired curriculum designed by an Episcopal priest that is based on the knowledge that all children feel the presence of God but lack the language to identify, explore, and express their experience.

     Through storytelling and the encouragement of wondering, Saint Timothy's children will learn about old and new testament stories and church traditions in a way that encourages them to have their own unique experiences of God while also having a shared experience in the community of other children and developing the ability to know and share the stories and traditions of the church with others.

     The Godly Play classroom is a child-centric space and the stories are meant to be told in that environment with small props that capture the imagination. Children listen and watch, wonder about the story, and do "work" to communicate with God through art, storytelling, and imaginative play.

     We'll be bringing one of the stories a bit out of context and into the sanctuary for Children & Youth Sunday on June 1 so that everyone in the congregation can get an idea of what is ahead.

     We hope you'll consider being involved in the transition--we'll need trained Godly Play storytellers/doorkeepers, of course, but will also be looking for one-time help from the congregation's woodworkers, crafters, and second-hand store enthusiasts as we put together a Godly Play classroom.

Aimee Formo led the first class - June 1, 2014

Sheryl Otter Retires from Active Children's Ministry