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Marian Alexander's 90th Birthday
By Benjamin B. Sworh
April 25, 2010

Celebration marking the 90th birth anniversary of Marian Alexander was Sunday, April 18, 2010 held at the Parish Hall of St. Timothy Episcopal Church on E. Thompson Road.  The colorful and elaborate ceremony was attended by relatives, friends and parishioners following the Sunday regular worship service.  Her birthday was on April 13, but the church decided to celebrate it on the 18. 

Marian, a mother of one expressed thanks to friends, relatives and the church for their appreciation and promised to always live her life for the Almighty God.   In a chat with this author, Marian said she will always remember the kindness,  caring and love shown by the church, adding, "I am so grateful to God for everything you done for me."   For her part, the Vicar of the Church, Rev. Kirsteen Wilkins thanked God for the opportunity afforded Marian to celebrate her 90th birth anniversary and pray that He continue to bless and guard her.  Kirsteen then used the occasion to call on Christians to love and care for one another.  The occasion was celebrated with food, drinks.