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03/16/2014 11:30 AM

New Lenten Tradition

This Lenten Season we have included a Lenten Candle Extinguishing Liturgy into our Sunday worship service.  "As we prepare for Christmas, we light a new candle each Sunday; as we prepare for Good Friday, we extinguish a candle each Sunday to remind us of the approaching darkness of betrayal and death."

This liturgy comes from "Process and Faith".  Beginning the liturgy on the First Sunday in Lent, all the candles are lit; one is extinguished.  Thereafter, we will begin the service with one less candle lighted, and during the course of the liturgy, extinguish another one.  On Good Friday we will extinguish the last candle.  On Easter Sunday, all of the darkened candles will be re-lit, signifying the Light of the World, which darkness cannot extinguish.


Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010

photos by Ed Champa