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By Benjamin B. Sworh

The St. Timothy Episcopal Church of the Episcopal diocese of Liberian has expressed their willingness to establish a partnership with St. Timothy Episcopal of Indianapolis.

 Speaking to Vestry member Ben Sworh of St. Timothy Church of Indianapolis who was on his annual vacation in Liberia, the Priest in Charge of the church, Fr. Togba said the aims and objectives of the partnership is to strengthen the growth and development of both churches so as to learn each other way of worship.

 He was however quick to point out that although Episcopalians all over the world follow the same patterns of worship but there is a need for both churches to learn each other worship.

“With this, I believed, we will be heading in a positive direction in blinking the African traditional worship and that of the American worship to move the Episcopal Church forward,” he said.

He said it is important to understand others ways of worship so as to acquire new knowledge and skills from each other to better administer the gospel to their various congregation from different culture.

The Episcopalian cleric further added that when the partnership is establish, it could create the opportunities for both  churches to exchange priest on a short and long term basics.

 For his part, Mr. Sworh expressed thanks and appreciation to the vestry and the Priest for their interest and assured that their intention would be forwarded to St. Timothy Episcopal church family for further discussion.   He praised members of the church for their dedicated services especially the extension project taking place on the church’s edifice and urged them to continue the good work.    

    St. Timothy Episcopal Church in New Georgia, Monrovia-Liberia. The church is undergoing extension

The Choir marking and singing during procession

St. Timothy Episcopal Priest-in-Charge, Rev. Fr. D. Mark Togba

The acolyte marking during the procession 

 Lay reader Parlay and Fr. Togba are seen walking at the entrance of the church for the closing prayers 

  From L-R, Benjamin B. Sworh, Vestry member of St. Timothy USA, and members of the vestry of St. Timothy Episcopal Church in Liberia along with their Priest, Fr. Togba  

                                                  Fr. Togba and Benjamin B. Sworh

FROM (L-R),  William Wilson, Junior Warden, Garmai Gaye Senior and Reverend Father D. Mark  Togba Priest-in-Charge of St. Timothy Episcopal Church, New Georgia Estate, Monrovia, Liberia

                                     Fr. D. Mark Togba delivering his sermon on April 14, 2013

                                        Fr. Togba giving announcement during service


                                      A member of the choir singing to the glory of God