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by Ben Sworh

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Shrove Tuesday

Pancake Supper
March 8th

Calling All Guys

Right now is chubby Tuesday (2/9) but soon the Tuesday will be Fat.... 

One month, thirty days from today, can you believe all that... 

Get your purdy aprons on, Rick--your batter you need to cook... 

It's all Fat Tuesdays boys, I'm starting to get out the hook.. 

So let me know that you all are in...that you can do the work.. 

I love you all, you work so hard it keeps me from looking like a jerk... 

Talk to you soon....

Joe Large

2011 Pancake Poem 
February 20

The clouds roll in, the sleet slides down, glistens roof and the gray ground…
A somber drab spark, no color, no happy sound

Wind, ice and snow are a leech, drawing life from the Hoosier state
We need something, anything that will help us to ‘Spring’ to the starting gate 

Maybe it’s our disposition; yes we’re joyed-out when we hold a fork…
Some Carbs, some maple sweetness or some fruit? (but I really need roasted pork!) 

So let us shed the cold, the salty ice crud, for the day that comes on the eighth.
Have some vittles, some drink, some talking fellowship;
let’s re-establish some faith… 

Faith; that though a baby is crying, a lone wolf howls all is lost;
but maybe, just perhaps..
Victory with syrup sloshing, sausage crunching,
and pancakes the size of hubcaps!

February 27

So hubcap Pancakes are beautiful things, but they need a lot of care

To serve, enjoy and clean up takes people working a fair...amount

I need help here around 5:45 - I hope 7 people will heed my pancake call

Just confirm your allegiance to the pancakes, sign up sheet in the hall.

That's it rest up now for a week or so, get rest and take some naps...

Cause Tuesday evening week, we work to serve Pancakes the

size of hubcaps . . .

March 6

Had enough of the poems... no more words that rhyme...
Time to get serious... it's pancakes time

If you can help with serving or cleaning, be sure to sign up
Or come for the eating, pancakes smothered with syrup

It's time for visiting with each other, for ameal, a smile
devour the pancakes, yes the size of hubcaps...