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The Diocesan Youth Spring Retreat (for youth in grades 6-12) will be March 2-4, at Waycross.  The retreat will be led by the Youth Steering Committee and is themed Unity in Community.  More information and a link to registration is available at


Waycross, Still Forging A Great Christian Foundation For Youth. 
Enroll your child, grandchild or godchild today! 

    Since 1957, “the Waycross experience” has been shaping young hearts and minds. Waycross has creatively inspired generations of youth between ages 7 and 17 to relate to God on their level in a co-ed Christian setting. Counselors lead creative adventures using the Gospel to weave a wonderful community that enriches all. Like a “home, away from home,” campers are encouraged to express themselves, share ideas and become an integral part of the Waycross community. Waycross remains a place where adventure abounds and Christian morals and values still forge a great foundation for youth. 
Presently Waycross is gearing up for another fun-filled, awesome season of spiritual growth and adventure. Each week begins with heartwarming moments as excited campers arrive, greet friends once again and share stories around the campfire at Niednagel Friendship Circle. Everyone feels welcome as they join in the fun during skits, games and songs. Spiritual growth and development are a big part of each day. Every morning the guest chaplain  leads campers in worship. Chaplains also join afternoon activities and hikes, closing each day with prayer and reflection in an interactive evening service. 
    Counselors lead activities with Christian fellowship instilling confidence and promoting friendships. Throughout the week, countless words of encouragement and praise can be heard during activities like the climbing wall and zip line. “Come on you can do it!” and “Great job, you made it to the top!” echo across camp. The high-pitched zing of the zip line fades among cheering campers as their cabin mates make a safe return ride. Nature hikes help campers to see God's divine presence in the world. Scattered through creek beds, geodes sparkle in the sun. As thrilled campers shout “Hey, I found one!” their young hands hold one of nature’s splendors ... millions of years old. Following the winding stream, campers marvel at God’s countless creations. Further activities include wooded hikes to the lake, canoeing, overnights under starry skies, mountain biking, swimming in the pool, basketball, archery, arts & crafts and more.
    Each year, campers return to embark on this wonderful journey of fellowship that nourishes the soul. For every age group, Waycross offers Christian interaction during fun adventuresome activities that help young people mature personally and socially. First through third grade campers learn to identify the world as a fun, safe place outside of home and school. Here, they meet new friends and build trust and independence. Fourth through eighth graders develop character, while being encouraged to creatively express themselves. They learn teamwork and respect as they test and refine ways of relating to one another. For older teens, Waycross is an established Christian community of close-knit friendships. Social skills have matured within. Valued friendships are cherished and held dear. Responsibility, teamwork and leadership shine through.
Waycross is a lifetime gift of spiritual, personal, social and cultural development that serves children in their future friendships, relationships and careers. Visit our website at for more information on enrolling your loved one in a special camp session or for a registration form.  For further questions or to receive a brochure call 800-786-2267 and a Waycross staff member will be happy to assist you.

What's At Work At Waycross For Group Leaders.

Waycross Camp and conference Center offers spacious quarters and 410 acres of exquisite natural beauty and serenity where timeless elements are at work assisting leaders to breathe messages of hope and inspiration into conferences, meetings and retreats. For over 52 years, Episcopal and non-Episcopal community leaders and youth organizations have found Waycross is a safe haven of solitude away from ringing phones, fax machines, messages, interruptions and daily pressures.  As Erin Fisher, past Kiwanis Leader, once said “We depend on our yearly Waycross gathering to strengthen our group which sets a more productive pace for rest of the year.” Opening doors to non-profit schools, businesses, clubs and city groups becomes a Christian mission to cultivate diverse projects that enhance and strengthen the entire Indianapolis community. In this way, Waycross gives on many fronts throughout the year making it special to many. Set goals, establish group dynamics, and direction. Improve inner communications for your group upcoming gatherings today. For more information on line visit or Call 1-800-786-2267 and a Waycross staff member will be happy to assist you.

Waycross Family Camp, a Time For Your Most Cherished Group.
Waycross offers a relaxed time for one of the most important and cherished groups - the family.  Family Camp is a great opportunity to connect with each others aspirations and goals to recapture a fresh start. Regroup before the Fall rush of school activities like homework, sports, clubs and friends commences. Unwind while strengthening bonds. Take time together to swim, canoe, hike, bike on trails, make crafts, explore nature, climb the wall, walk the labyrinth and more. Accommodations' include a choice of cabins, dorm rooms, or the Conference Center with options of staying 2 to 6 nights. Meals are offered at adult and child rates. Register by August 20 on line at or call 1-800-786-2267 and a Waycross staff member will be happy to assist you.  

Conference Center: $50 a room per night (1-3 people)
Dorms Rooms in Sleeping Wing or Main House Lodge: $40 per room per night (1-4 people)
Cabins: $27.50 per night for each cabin (1-10 people)