Saint Timothy's
Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, IN  USA

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Vestry Notes



Vestry Notes

Fourth Tuesday of each month (normally)
 All meetings start at 6:00 pm
Meetings are open to members of the parish

Vestry Meetings are led by our Priest, Rev Rebecca.
Meetings are open to all parish members.

2017 Minutes

Vestry 2017


       Edith Collins         Scott Trauscht               Karsor Dennis       
              2018                         2018                          2018                    
    Senior Warden          Junior Warden                               


     Margaret Cook       Charles Park            Marcelle Randolph        Mikki MacDonald
           2017                        2017                                2017                  Co-Treasurer  


          Tim Kramer             George Green      Lou Pierce              Maria Granato
               2019                            2019          Co-Treasurer             
Clerk of the

portraits by Ed Champa

Ministry Leadership

Webmaster: Ed Champa
Coffee Hour:
Joanne Gott
Liturgical Serving Schedule:
Dee Phillips
Chalice Administrator Training
(Lay Eucharistic Ministers) Chuck Christoph

Lector Training:
(Readers) Chuck Christoph
Intercessor Training:

(Prayers of the People) Chuck Christoph
Usher Teams and Training: Marty Williams
Altar Guild Director: Carolyn Williams
Lay Eucharistic Visitors:
(LEV) Audrey Corne and David Hon
Godly Play: Alli Betts
Special Events: Scott and Lorie Trauscht
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
Morning Chair & Training:
Carolyn Williams
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
Evening Chair & Training:
Joanne Gott
Pledge Clerk: David Hon
Finance Committee: Lorie Trauscht and John Prey, Edith Collins
Offering Counters: Margaret Cook
Property Committee: Scott Trauscht and Audrey Corne
Memorial Garden: Julia Frazier and Patti Hall




Vestry Norms and Expectations

As vestry members we agree to…

  • Commit to serve for three years.
  • Attend monthly Vestry Meetings – signing a covenant that you will miss no more than two meetings during the year.
  • Notify the Rector in advance when you are going to miss a meeting by email: and the day of the meeting by text: 317.650.9728.
  • Be informed and prepared for meetings.  Please read the documents before meeting.
  • Honor the agenda, will start and end on time – keeping meeting to 90 minutes.
  • Topics outside the agenda will be documented and tabled for a later meeting.
  • Vestry members will lead by example: being willing to be first to make their annual financial pledge commitment and consistent attendance at worship.

When we make decisions, as vestry members we agree to…

  • Pray.  Seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all our decisions.
  • Use active listening: Respond by asking for clarification or acknowledging your understanding of the others point of view before you state your ideas.  Use “I wonder…” questions.
  • Use “I” messages not “You” messages.
  • Communicate that you understand, even if you don’t agree.
  • Participate in no side conversations.  What we have to say gets heard by everyone at the meeting. 
  • Hold no conversations outside of the Vestry meetings.
  • Respectfully disagree.  Dissent before making a decision is healthy as long as it is respectful.
  • Listen to everyone and let whoever is speaking finish without interruption. 
  • Minority opinion should receive a full voice as we work toward consensus.
  • Commit and present a unified Vestry to the parish, once a decision is made.

In general, as vestry members we agree to…

  • Cultivate relationship free of gossip, sabotage, manipulation or bulling behavior.  We will manage conflicts in a healthy way, avoid triangulation by addressing conflicts directly.
  • Follow through on commitments made at the Vestry meetings.
  • Hold other members accountable to their commitments.
  • Attend as many parish activities & gatherings as possible.
  • Follow the electronic communication policy on refraining from conflict and emotional communication on line.
  • Maintain confidentiality around all matters pertaining to individuals, personnel, or the congregation.