Saint Timothy's
Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, IN  USA

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St. Timothy's is blessed to have 
The Rev. Canon "Chaplain Ray" Bradley 
serving as our supply priest for Sunday Worship and for Pastoral Emergencies 
(hospitalization or death) while
Rev. Rebecca is on vacation: May 21-June 17, 2018.

Please call Chaplain Ray directly if there is a pastoral emergency: 317-650-8532.

(Please do not leave a voicemail on the church office phone if there is a pastoral emergency.) 
Faithfully, Rebecca

Our Staff at St. Timothy's
Rev Rebecca Nickel, Rector
                           Scott Trauscht, Rector's Warden                           
open, People's Warden
2018 - Edith Collins, Karsor Dennis, John Prey
2019 - George Green, Tim Kramer
2020 - Donna Adams, Mike Sarfaty
Tim Nickson, Co-Treasurer
Lou Pierce, Co-Treasurer
Travis Person, Organist/Director of Music
Linda Dernier, Parish Administrator
Mizraim Lorenzo-Aguilar, Godly Play Director

Office Hours:  11:30 -2:30
Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
with appointments as necessary

Ministry Leadership

Webmaster: Ed Champa
Liturgical Serving Schedule: Linda Dernier
Chalice Administrator Training
: Chuck Christoph
Readers, POP & Training: Chuck Christoph

Usher Teams and Training: Marty Williams
Altar Guild Director: Carolyn Williams
Lay Eucharistic Visitors: (LEV) Audrey Corne and David Hon
Godly Play: Alli Betts & Aimee Formo
Coffee Hour: Joanne Gott
Loaves & Fishes Food Pantry
Morning Chair & Training:
Carolyn Williams
Evening Chair & Training:
Joanne Gott
Pledge Clerk: David Hon
Finance Team: Lou Pierce, Tim Nickson,
Members:  Edith Collins, Audrey Corne, John Prey, Lorie & Scott Trauscht, Rector
Offering Counters: Margaret Cook
Pledge Clerk: 
David Hon
Fundraising & Hospitality: Scott and Lorie Trauscht
Property & Security: Scott Trauscht and Audrey Corne
Memorial Garden: Patti Hall & Julia Frazier
Team: Chris Kramer, Diane & Bob Griner

Pastoral Care: 
Rev. Rebecca is available by appointment:
When you or a loved one goes into the hospital
or if there has been a death in the family,
please immediately call:
Office:  (317) 784-6925.
Pastor's Cell Phone:  (317) see email

If there is a pastoral emergency or a hospitalization, while The Rev. Rebecca is on vacation, please call The Rev. Canon Bruce Gray at the Diocesan office at 317-926-5454 or call the Christ Church Cathedral at 317-636-4577 and ask for a priest.

call 317-784-6925.

St. Timothy's administrative assistant, Dee Phillips, is in the church office every Tuesday from 10 am to 2 pm, Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm and Friday 10 am to 1:30 pm.  Please call ahead if you need her assistance or leave a voice message.

Sundays are days for worship and less for business.
Thank you so much for helping us to honor this! 

Welcome to
Saint Timothyís Episcopal Church

Thank you for visiting Saint Timothyís website.  We hope you will soon be a guest on a Sunday morning.  We look forward to welcoming you in person. 

Saint Timothyís is a vibrant and passionate Christian faith community located on the south side of Indianapolis.  As you explore this website, you will see that we have a heart for ministry in this part of the city, and to the people who live here, especially those who are in need. 

Our Sunday worship inspires and calls us to love and serve God in our daily lives, in our relationship with one another, with our neighbor, and with all of Godís creation. 

Godís Peace,  

The Rev. Rebecca Ferrell Nickel




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            Scott Trauscht   &   open                    Rev Donna Olsen Donna Adams  &  Miz Lorenzo-Aguilar


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photos by Ed Champa & Steve Polston