Saint Timothy's
Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, IN  USA

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Vestry Notes



Please pray for these folks:

These are friends, family, current and former members of our parish family.
(in no particular order)

Prayer List

We pray for those who serve in the armed forces of our country.  We pray for prisoners and for those suffering:

Gary Allen; Jack Banton; Gunnar Bentrud; Jenny Brackett; Franka Bradley; Earl Brown; Annetta Caine; Nick Caine; Roanna Caldwell; Kathleen Duffy; Agnes Evans; Marta Fast; Arnie Formo; Doris and Angie Fowler; Roxanne Gaither; Paul Galloway; Wendi Gifford; Cathy Gray; Jacqueline Gray; Betty Hagenow; Jay Hagenow; Coral Hamlin; Tom Helt; Kitty Herndon; Dana Hersberger; Kathy Hicks; Kaitlyn Hon; Bill Hunt; Chrissy Jackson; Sara Jackson; Ann Johnson; Sally Judd; Abbey Kerns; Deb Long; Richard Martino; Saifa Massaley; Terry Means; Eunice and Beatrice Muhra; Jana Nealy and family; Paul and Rosemary Niles; AmyJo, Brayden and Bridgett Noggle; Clifford Otter; Charles Park; Marcia Park; Sara Nyonpon Quayee; Slyvanus Quayee; Chandra Rose and family; Emma Rose; Benjamin Schanzel; Brenda Schanzel; Joseph and Linda Schtettenbrunner; Joan Schroder; Robert Schwier; Sam Seward; Abby Smith; Kelly Smith and family; Cara Sparrow; Walter and Maryann Sparrow; Sean Sullivan; Luke Trimboli; Evelyn Tuite; Tom Ware; Adam; Anderson; Anthony; Edy; Emily; Jennifer and Steve; Michael; Mileydis; Nancy; Nepal; Philip; Reardon and family; Riley; we pray for those who serve in the armed forces of our country, for prisoners, for those suffering, and for the People of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, Africa.

Also, remember the healthy partners of all those who are ill, suffering and in pain.
they too, need your prayers . . .

If you have requested that a name be added to the Prayer List, and that prayer has been answered, please let our Secretary, Dee know, or cross off that person's name on the clipboard located in the front hallway.

   01/19/2018 06:58 AM