Saint Timothy's
Episcopal Church
Indianapolis, IN  USA

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Adult Spiritual Formation and Education

St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church Presents

Theology/Spirituality in Film

 7:00PM Wednesdays

 St. Timothy’s members, newcomers and guests - will gather on Wednesday evenings at 7:00PM to watch a movie.  Afterwards we will have a facilitated and free-flowing discussion of the spiritual, theological and Christian themes, ideas and metaphors we may have observed in the film.   Examples of questions we may ask:  Where did you see a “God” moment?  Who represented Jesus or the Christ figure?  Where was love?  What part did community play?  Who had faith?  Did a faith community or organized religion play a part?  How?  Did the film relate to the Episcopal Baptismal Covenant?   

September 7      The Man Who Knew Infinity
September 14    The Man Who Knew Infinity

Adult & Youth (16 years and older) Spiritual Formation/Christian Education

Confirmation/Reception/Reaffirmation Classes

Sunday, September 11th 10:30am * Williams Hall

The Story of Anglicanism – Narrated by Michael York

Part 1: Ancient and Medieval Foundations.

Traces the evolution of mission and ministry in the pre-Reformation English church.  Topics include: Augustine of Canterbury, Celtic Christianity, monasticism and medieval theology